Organic Kombucha – monthly

Please support my work by subscribing to our regular monthly supply of organic kombucha. Every month you will receive 8 litres of organic kombucha (4x original, 2x lemon and ginger and 2x passion fruit).

Naturally fermented using only organic ingredients – black tea, green tea, cane sugar and distilled water. Our flavoured kombuchas are only infused with locally sourced organic ingredients and we will always remain that way (Low food miles means a lower carbon footprint. As some products are seasonal, we may change the flavours according to what is locally available).

Please help us cut down on packaging. Wash and return all used bottles. $2 refund for each clean bottle returned.

Our probiotic drinks are incredibly popular at the moment and as they naturally take time to prepare, it can take longer for us to dispatch them. If you would like to pre-order please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as they are ready.

All proceeds (not profits) goes towards the Hibiscus Grove eco-village project.


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How to use:

For the first week, drink a small glass (125ml), once a day, preferably before breakfast. For the second week you can increase this to a glass (250ml) a day. From the third week onwards you can drink up to two glasses a day. Sediments may develop in the drink over time. These are not harmful although they can be removed with a non-metal sieve if you prefer. Please wash and return all used bottles.
Kombucha is a naturally sparking drink. We therefore advise that it is kept refrigerated below 5°C and to release the lever of the stopper slowly and carefully (You can manually hold the stopper down and release slowly to gradually let the air escape).

If you are diabetic you must NOT drink kombucha without consulting your doctor first, and if you are on any heavy medication, it might be best to check whether kombucha is suitable.


If your kombucha is no longer fizzy, leave it overnight at room temperature before putting it back in the fridge.


Distilled water, green tea* , black tea*, cane sugar*

Lemon and ginger – lemon juice*, ginger extract*

Passion fruit – passion fruit*

* denotes organic