What’s the most expensive thing you have ever bought? A house, car, handbag or watch. And what’s better than treating yourself to a valuable gift?

Receiving something that money can’t buy.

Somethings are priceless and worth infinitely more than the most expensive item that you have or will ever buy. Have you had or done any of these? Maybe there’s more you can add to the list.

  1. Receiving a smile from an innocent child
  2. Making a baby laugh
  3. Hugging your child after reading them a bedtime story
  4. Receiving a kiss from your other half for no apparent reason
  5. The sound of waves crashing on a sandy beach
  6. Listening to birds singing
  7. Watching the colour of the sky change at sunset or sunrise
  8. The smell of lavender fields
  9. Looking at the full moon on Mid-autumn’s festival
  10. Gazing at the constellations on a clear, dark night

As Luther Vandross aptly said ‘The best things in life are free!’

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