3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold worldwide each year. The majority of them are made from polypropylene with nylon bristles. Most end up in landfill or make their way into rivers and oceans and it can take up to 500 years to decompose.

Fortunately, we can fight back against this onslaught of plastic one toothbrush at a time and protect the future of our planet and our precious wildlife.

The are many companies that purportedly claim their toothbrushes to be 100% biodegradable but upon closer scrutiny still use nylon or synthetic bristles. Their method of disposal requires the head of the toothbrush to be cut off and binned (landfill) while the rest of it goes in the compost bin. This is not 100% biodegradable!

There are only a handful of companies (Hibiscus Grove is one of them!) that sell 100% biodegradable toothbrushes. The body is made from sustainable bamboo, a type of grass where new shoots can grow up to 1m a day. The bristles are made from plant-based castor bean oil. Although we cannot legally claim our bristles to be compostable they will eventually break down (about one year).

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