Kids Liquid 100% Organic Toothpaste free from fluoride and other synthetic chemicals, based on essential oils, 15ml

A premium formulation oral care for your infants, toddlers and children. It is a liquid toothpaste made from 100% organic botanical oils to:

protect your child’s teeth from cavities
protect the enamel and facilitate re-mineralization
maintain healthy gums
freshen the breath
The kids love it.




How to use:

1. Help your child to floss his/her teeth every evening before brushing their teeth.
2. For kids aged 2 and above, use 2 drops to a wet toothbrush and brush normally.
3. For kids below 2, use 1 drop diluted in some water and rub it using a wet cloth gently on the gums.
4. Use as a mouthwash at night, simply add 2-3 drops of Oral Botanica Kids to half a glass of water, swish and gargle


Carrier Oil: Almond*

Essential Oil: Lemon*, Spearmint*, Fennel*, Lime*, Myrrh*